Information for Patients - Flexible Cystoscopy and/or Urodynamics Study


These procedures are performed at the North Tas Day Hospital (25 Canning Street, Launceston) by Mr Jensen or his nursing staff.


A flexible cystoscopy (or bladder inspection) takes about 15 minutes. A small light is inserted into the urethra, enabling the doctor to look directly inside your bladder.

A local anaesthetic jelly is used and you should not find the procedure painful and will be able to continue your normal activities immediately following the procedure.


Urodynamimcs (or bladder pressure test) is a computerised study which measures the ability of the bladder to hold and empty urine. A small catheter is inserted into the bladder to fill and measure the pressure inside. To allow the computer to calculate your true bladder pressure, a small tube is placed into the rectum. This test is performed to enable the doctor to make a precise diagnosis of your bladder problems. The study usually takes approximately 30 minutes.

You should take 1-2 sachets of Ural the night before the test, on the day of the test and for 1-2 days after the test to take the burning out of the urine. Ural can be obtained over the counter at all chemists.

On the day of the appointment please wear comfortable clothing.

  • Expect some burning and stinging following your procedure
  • Ural sachets taken four (4) times a day will alleviate this burning
  • Drink plenty of liquids after your procedure
  • As a precaution against infection you will be given a prescription for an antibiotic. It is important that you take one within half an hour of the procedure and one the next morning. Please contact your urologist immediately if you have any signs of infection, i.e. hot and cold shivers or fever.